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Intelliloan – The Smart Choice for Homeowners and Homebuyers Looking for Long-Term Security

There’s a lot of nervousness in the housing market these days whether you’re a homeowner who is uncertain if you are in the right loan, or a homebuyer who’s trying to make the right choice in choosing a lender.

Let us settle your nerves.

Intelliloan.com strives to provide the most competitive interest rates, a transparent loan process and top-notch customer service, based on nearly 20 years of experience.

We pride ourselves in putting the client first; after all it is you who will be making the payments.

Don’t just take our word for it; see what our customer testimonials have to say. After their experience with Intelliloan.com, many refinance customers often remark they wished they had come to us in the first place. It would have saved a lot of stress and a ton of money.

Low Rates. Great Service. How Do We Do It?

Intelliloan is a mortgage banker and a direct lender so you’re not paying any unnecessary middlemen. Our mortgage specialists only care that you get the loan that’s right for you.

Just like our name, Intelliloan.com gets you financed through an intelligent, A to B, lender-to-borrower process.. Intelliloan.com's direct lender, streamlined, transparent process can have you closing on your new home in as little as 15 days. Getting a loan can be a rigorous endeavor with some lenders, but Intelliloan.com's smart process gives customers prompt and efficient access to loan information and materials making getting approved and closed as fast, easy and stress free as possible. Plus, we’re a private company without offshore labor so when you have questions, you’ll talk with someone who could be your neighbor and understands your needs and lifestyle.

Nearly 20 Years of Experience and Satisfied Customers

We’ve been around since 1993 — long before the recent real estate boom and bust – and we’ll be around for long after. We’re not one of those “fair weather” lenders that closes shop the minute the real estate market gets tough, but a customer-focused, honest lender and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. Our business is thriving in uncertain times for one simple reason: smart customers love the honest and straightforward way we do business and we’re going to keep it that way for as long as we are around.

We are a HUD approved FHA direct endorsement lender as well as an approved Fannie Mae seller servicer.

Intelliloan.com serves customers nationwide. You’ve seen the so-called “low” rates other lenders are posting on their websites, give us a call today to find out not only how we’ll save you tons of money but make the loan process comfortable, fast and easy.

Get started today by calling Intelliloan.com at 877-263-8499!